This morning I was playing Trivia Crack because my wife likes me to play with her even though my win rate against her is almost two out of three, and there was a question about nuclear weapons. Specifically, it asked where the first use of nuclear weapons against civilians was, and because I didn’t take the time to read it thoroughly, I got it wrong and put the United States (the country who used the nukes). But after that I thought about that event and felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and nationalistic shame.

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5 Branches of Magic and Some of Their Lesser-Known Perks

Are you having trouble choosing one or more schools of magic to master? Maybe you aren’t familiar with some of the available options, or just never considered too deeply what tiny bonuses might accompany the complete subordination of one or more aspects of reality to your will. Whatever your situation, this handy guide can help. Presented here are descriptions of several different forms of magic, along with some of their often-overlooked perks. Continue reading 5 Branches of Magic and Some of Their Lesser-Known Perks

Unalienable Rights

To continue the thread started with my earlier post on the ideal of equality, it seems extremely strange to me when people oppose that ideal. It just doesn’t make any sense given my worldview, though I suppose I can understand how it happens. It’s the same as the way that often people like the idea of competition, imagining how great it would be to be the best, when statistically they will almost certainly fall short.

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I’ve been having a hard time cutting my fat percentage back again. I started to eat more to keep up with my Camp Gladiator workouts, since my performance had been disappointing for months while I had no fat left to burn. I was at around 7% body fat, and once I started eating more that went up to about 10%. I’ve been trying to cut back again, and making a higher percentage of it protein (I’m still a vegetarian), to get to a maintainable 8%, but have been having trouble getting under the 9% mark. It seems like my body wants to hang out around 9.5%, but I’m not really happy with how that looks on me.

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On the ideal of equality

What does the idea that we are all equal really mean?

Well, to begin with, we have to define “we.” Because if it’s one of the more obvious definitions, including everything about us, then we’re obviously not equal. We’re all different, and constantly changing. Of course we are. How could anyone believe we’re all equal? Well, without specifically discarding things from our definition of what we are in order to find something that can be considered “equal,” what are we, really? What is the core of each of us? What are we that doesn’t change?

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The dying throes of AAA

Bungie last week announced their new expansion for Destiny, The Taken King, and in the process alienated another big chunk of their fanbase. The motivation for their behavior is obvious: to extract as much money as possible from paying customers in a desperate attempt to postpone the inevitable. But it’s getting to the point where even the most indoctrinated players are starting to feel exploited.

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SHAREfactory Wish List

I wasn’t expecting SHAREfactory. Making it possible to copy captured videos to USB, sure. Uploading directly to YouTube and maybe other sites, which still hasn’t happened yet, definitely. But I didn’t expect Sony to put so much effort into making a video editing tool like SHAREfactory for the PS4. I’ve made a few videos with it now: Continue reading SHAREfactory Wish List