Archive of entries posted on April 2008

Breach of Unconfidence

I have the itch to be elsewhere, in a story, and deep down I know it is to be in a story of my own creation, rather than that of another. I have been reading to quell the pang, but I know it has only been putting off what I really need to be doing: […]

The Amazing Compute-o-Matic

Amazon Kindle

On Monday I received my Kindle, after waiting three weeks. Yesterday I finished reading Small Favor on it, and I’m really liking it. Of course, I knew I would. And it seems they are caught up on the supply now; a coworker ordered one yesterday after I showed it to him, and his is being […]

What? Someone’s being logical about this?

Two Harvard Psychologists are saying that boys who play no video games at all are more likely to get in trouble than boys who play some video games.

Lord of the Rings, D&D Style

I found this blog from a comment on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and just started reading his webcomic. It gets pretty funny; you should check it out.

More Links

Get ready for the wave of the past: the Apple IIgs laptop! Tetris + arm wrestling = win! Can’t get your software to work? Try a clean install! And this one is less funny: stupidity + sensitive personal information = worse than failure.

Eye Candy

There’s a new post on Click Nothing which links to some really cool stuff. Worth a look.

What would you do if you lived life from a third-person perspective?

It’s kind of an interesting and silly question. And I find it pretty funny (and cool) that this guy went so far to find out the answer.

Penny Arcade WoW Contest

Penny Arcade is having a contest to write a short (10-word) story set in World of Warcraft. The prize is figuratively (or literally? I am not privy to that information) a metric ton of WoW cardgame-related goodies. I entered for the fun of it, and submitted only one entry; it requried some research on my part as I […]

Long Overdue Pictures

Well, I took these a few months ago, but have just now gotten around to getting them off the camera and putting them up here. This is my MINI. Of course, I love it.

Some links from Dave Barry’s blog

This policy is certainly very… progressive. I wouldn’t really call it an “air freshener.” He isn’t just happy to see you. Let us observe a moment of silence. Or sexual harassment, your choice.

April 1

Next Generation has put up a list of the top 5 April Fool’s Day jokes they came across.