Archive of entries posted on March 2009

Unknown White Male

This is one I’ve wanted to watch ever since I heard about it (I can’t remember exactly how; I think I saw a preview for it on some independent film channel or something). We have had it from Netflix for a few months but never got around to watching it until a couple nights ago. […]

PS3: Difficult by Design

I suppose this shouldn’t be all that surprising. But really? That’s why the PS3 was designed that way? Some seriously flawed logic there.

Work in progress.

I’ve been working on and off lately on creating a library of classes and algorithms in C# to help me make games and game prototypes. When I get them into a decent state I intend to put them up online, releasing the code to the public domain (free for any use).

You might just get 3 after all, David.

So the DM, after reading the previous post, thought the part about how we believed the kids was interesting because he didn’t think it’d be figured out so quickly.

D&D Session Report 1

On Saturday I joined a new D&D 4th Edition game which was starting up and will be having sessions every two weeks or so. My play availability will probably be extremely limited once the baby’s born but I intend to enjoy it until then. I’m looking forward to the next session, as this one was […]

Today I will write a post for this blog.