Archive of entries posted on July 2009

“When is immersion overrated?”

Damion Schubert posted the above question yesterday on his blog (Zen of Design). My answer appears to have been deleted, so I’ll write about it here. I linked to some posts on “Malstrom’s Articles” which I believed to be relevant. I should add that to the links at the right, by the way. I’ll do […]

Twitter & Stuff

So I’m on Twitter now. Maybe I’ll use that a little more frequently than I post here? Anyway my username is SharedProphet, on both Twitter and Facebook (they let you have a username on Facebook now to make it easier for people to find you).

Another shirt? Is that all I do anymore?

Well, no, I also work, eat, sleep, help take care of Chloe, etc. But yes, I have created another shirt. For this one, I looked at the gaming-related shirts I could find on CafePress and noticed that people newer to gaming, specifically new audiences reached by the Wii and DS, were generally under-represented. So I […]

And again…

Yet another new shirt, in exchange for your money. I’m having fun with this…

Very busy…

There’s been a lot going on, and I don’t have time to explain it all. But that hasn’t stopped me making another amusing shirt, which it so happens is now available for purchase.