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First Drafting

There’s been a lot going on lately. I’m writing a novel, which I started a few months (a year?) ago and then let sit. I’ve been continuing to write it intermittently, and I am at a point where I really feel a need to finish it, hopefully this year. It’s been slow going. There are […]

Creative Tension

It’s easy, once I’ve started a project, to get discouraged when I figure out how much work it will actually take to complete. This goes for writing novels, creating games, and any other similarly large tasks.

Status Report

I often think it would be cool to chronicle my projects here, since I enjoy reading about such things elsewhere, but then I drop the idea because I have a tendency to stall out on my projects. But I really would like to make progress on and complete something, so perhaps that thought should change.

This Celestial Life

I’ve been working on a game lately when I have time. It’s probably way too early to talk about but I’m going to say a little anyway. The title of the game is “This Celestial Life” and it’s sort of my take on the Japanese dating sim. It isn’t really about dating, though; it’s basically […]

Task List for 0.2.0

I have made a little bit of progress. These are the tasks remaining to go into 0.2.0: Tweak XML serialization/deserialization code for PlannerActionInstance; it may end up staying the way it is right now, but I have an idea which might make it a little nicer. Make sure the planner is returning PlannerActionInstance plans correctly. […]

On the way to 0.2.0

Photos? Oh, right. I’ll get around to putting them up before too long. Really. Also, spam-bots are getting more clever. I was almost taken in by this spam comment:

Initial Release

Game Toolbox 0.1.0 has been released! Get it here. Please report any bugs you find here. You can get the source through Subversion (information for the repository access is on the SourceForge project page).

Game Toolbox

“Game Toolbox” is a .NET library written in C# that I have been working on in my spare time for the last few months. It is now almost ready to release, so I thought I’d take a few moments to describe it here.

Invisible progress!

Just “finished” (there is still a possibility that more bugs/inefficiencies will come to my attention, but for now it’s finished) my C# implementation of a Goal-Oriented Action Planner. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read the previous post or just ignore this one. Pretty exciting to me, anyway. I ended up […]

Work in progress.

I’ve been working on and off lately on creating a library of classes and algorithms in C# to help me make games and game prototypes. When I get them into a decent state I intend to put them up online, releasing the code to the public domain (free for any use).

Finding My Key

On Sunday I got a reading from Robert Caruso, who is very good at what he does. The bulk of it was concerned with how to get myself to write, as I know I should be doing, and he told me a lot of very helpful things which should have been obvious before he pointed […]

Wholly Crap

Been a while since I posted here, huh? Hmm. : / Well, an update on what I’ve been doing: I am starting work on a video game version of Stardust (you may recall that Stardust is the working title of my board game side project—or you may not), using XNA Game Studio 2.0, which I […]


Saw Stardust (the movie) on Friday and it was awesome. Go see it. Still making progress on Stardust (my board game project). Much left to do, but I’m enjoying it.

Getting back into the “swing” of “things,” or: To Blog or Not to Blog

Well, I haven’t written much here lately. I guess I kind of wonder sometimes what to write about, even though I have things on my mind. There is a fear of having ideas stolen if I reveal too much here, and so, about things I’m creating, I say little or nothing. Mundane things often seem too […]

Watch out for the hallows…

… they’re deathly. This is the part where people smack their heads, and I laugh. Anyway, last week I was diverted from working on Stardust and pretty much everything else because I was re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6), in preparation for the Saturday release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows […]