a fortuitous turn of events

Through some mistake, it was believed that John Hodgman (author of The Areas of My Expertise, which is excellent) would be hosting an event event in New York featuring Neil Gaiman. This is not the case; the event will be run by Johnathan Ames, about whom I know nothing. This may have been a regrettable mixup if it had not ultimately been the cause of such a fortuitous happening: that through the post about it on Neil Gaiman’s blog, I found John Hodgman’s blog, which makes the whole thing worthwhile and speaks to the veracity of existence of fate, or destiny, or synchronicity.

I can feel my mind getting jumbled and full again…

… so hopefully this will help to unburden it.

I just discovered the concept of immediate mode GUIs, which is why the mind-jumble is occuring. Trying to figure out whether it is much better than the normal way to do GUIs (seems likely) and whether it is worth it for me to try it out (versus using a GUI system somebody already made once I get to the point of having something to put a GUI on), to which the answer, I suspect, is no. It is interesting, but not close enough to what really interests me, I think, to warrant my effort, though I do hope someone makes a system for it that I can use.

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Last night I was playing racquetball with my friend, and I wasn’t doing very well to begin with. I think he had something like four or five points before I scored any. So I observed what I was doing and I realized that most of the time, I was off balance. My mind had been mostly in other places and I wasn’t taking advantage of the time available to regain my balance. So I decided to change the way I was playing: I hunched over a bit more, bent my knees, and focused on staying above my center of gravity. It helped. Because I was more balanced, I was able to change directions more easily, and because my knees were bent I had more leverage to start moving quickly when I needed to.

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nice job, jerks

Microsoft has done a surprisingly good job with the Xbox 360 (except with its marketing in Japan). A couple years ago, I thought I would only be interested in the PS3, but now I have an Xbox 360, and the reasons I have to even want to buy a PS3 when its price drops are dwindling (the remaining ones being Final Fantasy XIII, LittleBigPlanet, free online play, Blu-ray, and maybe Home… we’ll see on that one). Then I didn’t think I’d pay the extra for Xbox LIVE Gold, but when my friend and I wanted to be able to play Marvel: Ultimate Alliance together and I found myself shelling out fifty bucks for a year of it.

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WordPress bug…

Well, I found a bug with WordPress which is annoying me. Something in the wp_list_bookmarks() function for the sidebar breaks depending on… well, I’m not sure yet. It seems to break if I add to many categories, and also sometimes if I just add one it doesn’t like for unknown reasons. When that happens, the entire page takes forever to load and when you actually see something you only see part of the sidebar links and none of the footer because wp_list_bookmarks() seems to go into an infinite loop or something. Maybe I’ll debug it when I get home.