I suppose I will begin this blog with a greeting and some sort of explanation of who I am and what kinds of messages are likely to be found here.

I am an old soul. I have taken many roles in different lifetimes, most of which I don’t really remember at the moment. In some of the past lives I know about I have been a military and/or political leader, an aristocrat, a monk, a prophet, and a wizard. But I am not solely defined by my past, and I do not ask for anyone to lend extra credence to my words based on what I have been or even, for that matter, to believe I have been these things. My words and my ideas, I should hope, will stand on their own merits. I do not claim to know everything (consciously, right now). I know some things, and I have an intuitive sense about others. Though I occupy a young body I possess wisdom beyond my years. But the truth of that, also, you may want to decide for yourself later.

So, you may wonder, what am I now? What roles do I now play? There are a few: I am a degreed software engineer (employed by The Man, whose views are in no way reflected by anything on this blog), a husband (by common law, soon to have a wedding), a step-father, a friend, a brother, a son. At times I am an artist and a writer, and on very rare occasions, a poet. In none of those capacities are you likely to have heard of me, if you do not already know me personally.

But these roles may not comprise an adequate picture of me, and so perhaps should be listed some characteristics I exhibit. My skin is “white” (not actually white, of course–you can see the blood through it and so it is a sort of pinkish color in many places), and fairly pale. I have dark, moderately long hair and hazel eyes (sometimes they seem brown, sometimes olive green). I am intelligent and wise (but uninformed on many topics), funny, sensitive, affectionate, and creative. I am often quiet, though I can be very loud.

There is insight into my character that can be gained from the knowledge of some of the roles I play in potentia (by which I mean those which I may choose to assume in the future and some of which I am working towards now): a homeowner, a novelist, a hypnotherapist (who does Life Between Lives Regression), a video game designer and/or artificial intelligence programmer, a co-founder of a video game development company, a spiritual teacher, a good father.

For the time being, I have some growing to do.

I created this blog not as a side project, but because I realized that it is something my nature demands. Writing regularly is how I maintain my equilibrium; it is where I find my center. By expressing my thoughts, and in the process of finding the words to give them form, substance, I discover myself. Like the unobserved electron in a state of quantum uncertainty, like the tree that falls in the forest with no one to hear it, what is an idea unexpressed? And so I intend to think of this blog not as a project, not as another task to add to my to-do list, but as a sanctuary, as a meditation, and also, as entertainment.

Why, then, this medium in particular? There is perhaps a certain degree of vanity in the choice. I have written and do write in notebooks, but even then I often write while imagining someone reading them later. The computer seems more convenient for me, and the blog more convenient than a word processor would be. Honestly, though, I do like the idea of others reading my work. But there really should be no shame in wanting others to read, or at least be able to read, what one has written,  should there? Going back to the electron and the tree, and the idea: the expression of the idea has diminished influence if it is not shared. For if I write only for myself, my words can only change myself. But perhaps if I write for the world…

If it goes as I think it will, you will be able to find things here pertaining to game design, writing, spirituality, and humor. And when looking back later on the whole of this blog, it may form up to be a chronicle detailing my personal growth and the creation of various works, shedding light on universal truths, giving insight into my personal truths, and perhaps some of the magic that I will experience in its creation will translate into magic for you, the reader. Or it may just be a series of unrelated writings presented in mostly chronological order (it’s possible I may put something on here that I wrote before in a notebook and that ordering may be slightly abused).

Won’t it be fun to find out?

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