I can feel my mind getting jumbled and full again…

… so hopefully this will help to unburden it.

I just discovered the concept of immediate mode GUIs, which is why the mind-jumble is occuring. Trying to figure out whether it is much better than the normal way to do GUIs (seems likely) and whether it is worth it for me to try it out (versus using a GUI system somebody already made once I get to the point of having something to put a GUI on), to which the answer, I suspect, is no. It is interesting, but not close enough to what really interests me, I think, to warrant my effort, though I do hope someone makes a system for it that I can use.

Things again move forward, as they are wont to do. The new house was inspected this weekend, unsurprisingly revealing that parts of it are not so new (it was originally built in 1974). Still, looking good on that front.

Work… continues. Wedding plans also, a bit.

I am progressing too slowly in my self-paced hypnotherapy training course. I need to take a test for it within the next few days, and also pick up the pace.

For Arianna, I downloaded a ArgoUML, a free, open-source design tool. And the brainstorm is ever brewing.

I feel happier, or I did until the mind-jumble thing; writing and the intent to stay centered (see the previous post) have helped. Just a bit tired today. I did rest for a bit when I got home from work (which was actually between the first and second sentences of this paragraph, since I saved this post as a draft and finished it later, so I feel a bit better now).

I should be writing more… I enjoy it. Sometimes, though, I’m not sure what I should write about. So, maybe both all of you can help me. If there’s some topic you’d like me to write about, or something you’d like me to make a little story about, please post a comment describing the subject or premise, and I may write about it for a future post. Thanks. : )

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  1. I, for one, would like to read about your hypnotherapy lessons: what you’ve learned; how you think you’ll use it; and/or any insights you may have gained into the nature of mind and body, etc.

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