status report

Party A on FFXII (Ashe, Vaan, and Fran) are level 40 and Party B (Basch, Balthier, and Penelo) are 38. They all have every augment on the license board and everybody has all three Quickenings. Two characters have one Esper each (Vaan and Penelo), and I know the locations of two other Espers, though each handed me my ass (and I wasn’t even aware I’d dropped it).

Catan is pretty fun. My wife especially loves it.

I’m making progress on Arianna’s design. I lost a bit of my work on Saturday when ArgoUML (or maybe the Java runtime) was apparently quite upset I had left my computer on to sleep for a while before coming back to it. Had to kill those processes after I’d been trying to get it to save for probably an hour. Then I was very upset when it seemed I had lost everything I’d done in ArgoUML for the project, but I was able to restore some of it, so I only ended up losing a good deal of what I’d done on Saturday… and I can do that part again, since I know what I did.

Still haven’t started reading the book for the next part of the hypnotherapy course… : (

Saw Spider-Man 3 on Saturday. It was pretty cool. A couple small things bothered me a little (even letting the physics slide as the problems there are expected after the first two), but that’s a pretty good record for any movie. I thought there were some interesting things about the writing of the story, and they did a good job of making Peter act different when he had the black suit.

The closing date on the house we’re buying is Friday. It seems the closing costs will be lower than we were thinking they’d be, which is a relief.

Last night I finally started to read The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, which I was given by my mom some time ago. I’ve read most other Discworld novels, and in my opinion Terry Pratchett is one of the best writers alive today, so this should be fun.


Heroes is on tonight! : )

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