Puzzle Quest

I just got Puzzle Quest for PSP because I wanted a new PSP game (I only have two, and I got the PSP on the day it launched…). I wanted either that or Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, and they didn’t have the latter at Best Buy. Well, PQ is awesome, a blast to play, and mostly responsible for why I haven’t posted anything here in the past couple days.

But now I find out that it’s coming out on Xbox Live Arcade, which I had figured wouldn’t happen anytime soon. Guess I should have checked; it appears the announcement was made on May 1st.

The game is sweet on PSP, but it would also be awesome on XBLA (and I can get my wife to play it so she’ll understand, heheh…). I hope it doesn’t cost too much on XBLA; if it’s $15 or less, I’ll definitely buy the XBLA version also. And now that it’s been announced, I wonder how long it’ll actually take for them to release it.

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