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I like Shrek 3. Not as dramatic a climax as the first two, I thought, but very funny and well done.

Pirates 3 I think is great. I like the fact that it has a much more complex storyline than most mainstream movies would be brave enough to put in. It was fun and funny and interesting and cool.

I just started reading Storm Front, the first book of The Dresden Files, which a friend from work suggested. I think the idea is awesome, and so far it is fun to read as I expect it will be throughout. One nagging annoyance, though; after I finished Chapter 1, for some reason I read the author bio in the back. It says he’s a martial arts enthusiast, which I thought was interesting, but I continued reading and was struck by a flaw on the first page of Chapter 2 where he says one of the characters owns some trophies from aikido tournaments.

I am not well versed in martial arts, but I did take a little bit of aikido in college. Anyone who knows anything about aikido knows that there are no aikido tournaments. There are no attacks in aikido; they teach some very basic attacks from other styles, but only enough to enable them to teach the aikido counters.

I suppose in the alternate reality of this book there could be aikido tournaments… but it’s a stretch; it wouldn’t be aikido. Why even call it the same thing? I suppose as it’s written from a first-person perspective, it’s possible that it could be the character who is supposed to not know anything about aikido. Another stretch, but a little more acceptable to my mind.

Other than that, I’m having fun reading the book and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

Edit: there is such a thing as competitive aikido, of which I was not aware. The aikido I took was not that form. I stand corrected.

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  1. I stand corrected. Ironically I came back here to correct myself, having just thought (after reading another mention of it in the book) of Googling “aikido tournament” and found some results, when I noticed your comment. I had never heard of competitive aikido. Editing the post now.

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