to do list

Finished that book, and I enjoyed it. I’m about two thirds into the second one. I want to start on a short story soon, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to it.

On my agenda today can be found such things as more reading, painting in the new house, going with the guys who will be standing at my wedding to figure out what kinds of tuxes they will wear (and reserve mine), and, tentatively, washing some dishes (by hand, as the dishwasher at our apartment sucks).

2 thoughts on “to do list”

  1. Not that fast, really… I know I’ve tested it reading the same pages at the same time as other people and they actually read a little faster than me. but when I get into one of those page-turner type of books I basically don’t do anything else until I finish it. : ) Right now I’m reading Johnathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and as it’s written in the style of Jane Austen (very much not a page-turner style, at least for the first couple hundred pages), I have only gotten to about page 175 (of 730-ish in the hardback) and I started it on Tuesday night or Wednesday I think.

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