the post with the uninspired title (well, another one, anyway)

Finished Fool Moon (the second Dresden Files book) on Sunday, and enjoyed it as much as the first. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of them, but I’d like to own them (I like to own good things, like DVDs of movies I like and copies of books I enjoy, even if I never get back to watching or reading them again), and I’m going to refrain from buying them until I have more money sitting around.

There is an article about inspiration for video games I enjoyed in the new issue of The Escapist. It discusses the way game designers of the past were inspired by things other than games, while current game designers are being more inspired by games themselves. It’s a good point: for the industry to progress, a balance must be struck between the refinement of ideas already present in video games and the infusion of the medium with concepts from non-game sources.

Perhaps below the surface it is a meaningless message, as many, if not all, game designers are doubtless already well aware of the necessity of drawing inspiration from sources beyond the realm of games. And there should always be a decision explicitly made about how much influence the player’s choices can have on the path of the game.

Just ran across this rather… interesting… discussion about people doing odd things in their sleep. Curious “just one of those things” type of subject for most people. Some of the anecdotes may be interesting to those interested in hypnosis, like this one from “Mystic Violet”:

My husband is pretty good at doing different tasks in his sleep. He’ll actually open his eyes, look at you and have a conversation sometimes. The only thing I really get is “I love you.” But I remember one night where he scared the crap out of me. I was still awake playing my PSP in bed and he just sat straight up out of nowhere and jumped on me. He started getting touchy-feely and when I called his name and told him to stop he looked at me with this empty stare. The expression on his face was kinda frightening to me because I’ve never seen him look at me that way before. I thought he was fooling around but he was actually sleeping. I yelled at him to get off and after staring at me for a few seconds he said “Okay.” and rolled over. I told him to never do that again. Two minutes later, under his heavy breathing I hear “I’m sorry.”

The next morning he remembered nothing of the event but felt so guilty. I think telling his subconscious to basically f*ck off wasn’t the best thing to do. :/

I know of a marriage that was broken up due to physical abuse that was claimed to be a sleep-disorder type of thing. So of course this kind of thing isn’t always funny. Some of those stories made me laugh, though.

This past Sunday my wife and I met a woman who has the training for Life Between Lives regression. She doesn’t have all the sessions logged that she needs to be certified yet, so she’ll do a session with me for free, though she requires some past life regression sessions first, which she will have to charge for. I’m finally going to get to experience some of this stuff soon, and I’m really excited about it! Afterwards I’ll post here with how it went.

On Saturday I’m going to get to practice some hypnosis with the woman who taught my wife and me Reiki, so I’m studying a bit more this week to prepare.

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  1. Yeah. And I just remembered that it is Sunday we’re doing that rather than Saturday. But that’s ok; I have to paint today as we put it off all week (since Monday I think).

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