how cool!

I’m staying home from work today because I’m not feeling really well. I was busy pretty much all weekend, painting most of the day Saturday in a very hot room, which I think took a lot out of me (my nose started to get stuffed up Saturday night and by Sunday night I was feeling drained and a little feverish; I didn’t sleep well last night at all).

Turns out I had the day wrong for the practice; it was Sunday rather than Saturday… and I got everyone up early on Saturday before I realized my mistake. : (

But wow, I had a great day yesterday practicing hypnosis! It was only my second time to practice (I practiced briefly once with my wife), and I did age regression, past life regression, and Life Between Lives with both my wife and the woman who is teaching us Reiki. Our teacher also did a little bit of past life regression with me, but it seems her hypnosis training was more basic hypnosis/guided meditation than hypnotherapy training.

Those Life Between Lives sessions were awesome! I can’t express enough how amazing it was to me (and I wasn’t even the one experiencing it… they agree wholeheartedly). It’s so cool to discover that I’m capable already of doing all the things I’m working towards with this course. I will still finish the course and get the certifications, because I believe there are still things I can learn from it, but really, what a confidence boost. : )

It also makes me even more excited to experience past life and Life Between Lives regression myself, with the woman we met at the psychic fair a few weeks ago.

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