new on the anticipated releases list

Just read (ok, well I read it on Wednesday but haven’t been able to put it here ’til now) this article about Haze and it sounds like they’re trying to do some really awesome things for the game medium in general with it. Looking forward to it now; it sounds really cool. If it lives up to the ideas in the article, there may be another reason (besides Blu-Ray) to get a PS3…

busy week, long weekend

I started a post yesterday but just now I scrapped it; it was talking about how it was Tuesday but felt like Monday. No internet at home yet last night meant I never finished the post. (Friday night, 6/29: I started this post on Wednesday and was just able to get the internet installed at home last night, and now after a long day of finishing the move from the apartment and doing last-minute errands for the wedding and everything, I am finally getting to finish it…)

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