busy week, long weekend

I started a post yesterday but just now I scrapped it; it was talking about how it was Tuesday but felt like Monday. No internet at home yet last night meant I never finished the post. (Friday night, 6/29: I started this post on Wednesday and was just able to get the internet installed at home last night, and now after a long day of finishing the move from the apartment and doing last-minute errands for the wedding and everything, I am finally getting to finish it…)

I was going to explain how my weekend went in that post, so: I took Friday (the 22nd) off to try to get some work done in the apartment before the big move to the house. Spent a few hours doing dishes (the dishwasher at the apartment is worthless and probably every dish we own was dirty), and some other stuff. Meanwhile my step-daughter was frustrating my wife by not helping at all with packing up the things in her room.

Saturday (23rd): woke up early to go rent a U-HAUL, which we only had from 8 am to 1 pm, but which we weren’t able to get until 8:30 due to a combination of running slightly late and having to wait in line. My wife harassed them into letting us bring it back at 1:30 because of this. Barely finished moving the big items which required the truck before it was due back. It was a very hot day, and it was a bitch getting the washer down the stairs from the second-floor apartment even with two friends helping. Exhausted, I let my friends leave after reassembling a bookshelf at the house, and my family went to eat. Also that day, assembled the bed in the master bedroom and helped my wife a little with arranging the living room for Sunday.

Sunday (24th): slept in a bit, then around 3 pm, a bunch of my friends came over to play games for my “bachelor party.” We had a draft of Magic: The Gathering, and played some 4-player Gears of War and 5-player Halo 2 with two system-linked Xbox 360s. It was a lot of fun… then that night I didn’t get to bed until 2 am because I was up with my wife as her blood sugar crashed.

Monday (25th): woke up too tired to function. I probably would’ve gotten in an accident if I’d gone in to work, so I called in sick. Moved some of the smaller stuff from the apartment to the house. Was supposed to have do second past life regression session but the hypnotherapist was sick, so rescheduled for Thursday.

Tuesday (26th): tried to begin this post talking about how it was feeling like Monday, and explaining my weekend. No internet at the house yet meant no-go on that… moved more stuff from the apartment, including my computer to install the internet (kit had arrived that day). Forgot my keyboard and mouse, though, so I had to wait to get it set up…

Wednesday (27th): tried to continue the post at work, but had more work to do. Tried setting up the internet that night, and the installer failed; it tried to load a webpage it said was unavailable. Kept retrying for about an hour before going to bed.

Thursday (28th): Finished most of what I was doing at work, but was delayed a few minutes leaving. Then when I got home, my step-daughter was at my parents’ house, so we had to go pick her up before the drive to my appointment for the past-life session. And we had to get her something to eat first (and I had to get something… last week when I had the first session I didn’t get to eat dinner ’til around midnight). It was rush hour and we had to take highways to get there (45 minute drive, perhaps, without much traffic), but the traffic wasn’t as bad as it was for the first session, so we only ended up about 15 minutes late. Amazingly, Matt showed up 5 minutes before we got there and offered to watch my step-daughter so she could play with his son while my wife and I went to the session. Pretty cool timing (he lives near there and was driving home from work).

Friday (29th): Took a vacation day from work to finish moving everything from the apartment. Scrambled to complete some wedding stuff we hadn’t remembered to do yet, and then had help from my family in getting all the rest of the crap out of the apartment and cleaning it up a bit. Ate nothing but two Oreo-type (not actual Oreos, an off brand) cookies until dinner at Taco Bueno. My wife’s dad showed up shortly before dinner and helped us with the rest of the stuff we were moving. He and my wife and step-daughter are in the living room now watching So You Think You Can Dance. Pretty awesome to have an office now and not have the computer right next to the TV.

Saturday (30th): The wedding day! Should be fun.

…and I don’t have to go back to work until next Thursday, as I took Monday and Tuesday as vacation days to recover a bit, and Wednesday I get a holiday.

Whew… I’m exhausted.

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