links updated

I’m updating the links to the right. I just found out that Big Rooster (maybe I’ll start a game company called “Obvious Innuendo,” or just “Weak Euphemism for Something About A Penis”) is developing a video game adaptation of the boardgame Talisman, that it will be on Xbox Live Arcade, and also that they are going to release a fourth edition of the boardgame in October. All of which is exciting news; Talisman is a game I’ve heard good things about from my friends but never gotten to play, as it’s apparently pretty hard to find a copy.

Arcane Legions seems to be PC only now and the link no longer works; I’m not even sure they have a page for it yet, but it seems like it may be in design stages still, so I’m taking it off the links list for now.

Added a Wanted List category for links, because Overlord is out now but I don’t have it yet and didn’t want to remove it from the list entirely. Which made me think of a few other games I want but haven’t gotten yet, and so there are a few new links there.

My wife’s family has all left now, and as fun as it is to have company, it’s nice to have the house back to ourselves again. Hopefully the regularity of my posts here will pick up again. Things have been crazy for the past few months, but they’re starting to settle down.

More and more of the goals I have set will begin to be realized soon. It’s an enocuraging prospect. I’m eager to be on with it.

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