in other news…

The Escapist has two articles from yesterday about people trying to blame their problems on games.

I like this quote from the mother in the first one:

We’d just buy him the game that all the other kids had.

Note that we don’t see any news items about the “other kids” she refers to, assumedly kids who were friends with her son, killing people. Of course the article came from some tabloid, but “Malygris” mentions in the comments that it is one with a huge readership.

The second article is sad. I guess people can become addicted to anything, but it’s still sad to read about people giving away so much of their power–believing that they have no control over not only their lives, but their own bodies and choices. It’s frustrating, angering perhaps, that these people would allow this to happen. I do notice that there are no comments in the article or its source article from the defendants or their representatives, so the implication that they are claiming video game addiction as their defense seems like it could be untrue. Either way, there is something wrong with them, and it’s not the fault of games.

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