Watch out for the hallows…

… they’re deathly.

This is the part where people smack their heads, and I laugh.

Anyway, last week I was diverted from working on Stardust and pretty much everything else because I was re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6), in preparation for the Saturday release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7, the last one). Now I’m reading Deathly Hallows but sharing it with my wife, so I’m not quite halfway through yet (when Half-Blood Prince came out I had finished it the same weekend it released). She gets to read it while I’m at work, since I probably should be doing some work, and I get to read it when I get home.

So far it’s a fun read, as expected.

…oh, and I finished Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell a long time ago, though I just noticed I never mentioned it here. I enjoyed it. The Amazon user reviews are fairly accurate in that it is slower than many other novels for about the first third. It starts picking up in the middle, but never gets to the pace of, say, Harry Potter or The Dresden Files. But it’s as Neil Gaiman says, it’s very English. Very much like the style of Jane Austen, and as much as I agree with Gaiman about the artful and clever word choice throughout, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it much at all if the subject matter had been less interesting to me. I didn’t really enjoy Pride and Prejudice, which is the only Jane Austen novel I’ve read, until the pace picked up at the very end. And novels about wizards are my favorite kind.

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