Wisdom, or Clever Folly

I haven’t written much of substance here. I feel a little bad about it, but then I have stupid fears about revealing myself, my beliefs, thoughts, feelings… of being exposed to the slings and arrows, as it were. Intellectually I know that these fears should not be allowed to interfere with what I choose to do or say; some people will think me arrogant for stating my truths, but there really is nothing else worth doing, in the end. It becomes easy for me, sometimes, to be discouraged or to doubt myself, not in whether my truths are true, but perhaps in whether they are worth telling the world or whether anyone will care or benefit.

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Discovering the world of WordPress plugins…

I’ve added a few plugins to the site. I always wanted to have a random quote type of plugin, so I found one and set it up to my liking. In the process I found several others I took a shine to as well, and they also have been added. Now to find some quotes I want on there…

category bug, again

I’m starting to get really annoyed with this stupid bug that sporadically pops up on this site. I don’t can’t figure out if it’s a problem with something like the version of the database it’s using, or WordPress itself (which I doubt since I haven’t seen any reports of anyone else having the problem), or PHP or what. But it’s stupid and I want it to stop.

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Getting back into the “swing” of “things,” or: To Blog or Not to Blog

Well, I haven’t written much here lately. I guess I kind of wonder sometimes what to write about, even though I have things on my mind. There is a fear of having ideas stolen if I reveal too much here, and so, about things I’m creating, I say little or nothing. Mundane things often seem too mundane to write… etc.

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funny thing, time

Particularly funny, or at least I assume it would be from some point of view, not neccessarily mine, is the way it changes things. Like, for instance, my home computer’s PS/2 keyboard port failing. At least I’m pretty sure that is the problem. It’s another sign of age for what is the electronic equivalent of a 117-year-old geezer, slowly tottering and wheezing along towards an end which promises a sublime digital respite.

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