funny thing, time

Particularly funny, or at least I assume it would be from some point of view, not neccessarily mine, is the way it changes things. Like, for instance, my home computer’s PS/2 keyboard port failing. At least I’m pretty sure that is the problem. It’s another sign of age for what is the electronic equivalent of a 117-year-old geezer, slowly tottering and wheezing along towards an end which promises a sublime digital respite.

“Don’t quit yet, you titan of computing, though I know you are nearing the end of what may prove to be your last leg in a race which all must concede has been several legs longer than any of your peers would dare attempt. You have outlived all the others, valiant warrior, and now all that remains is to survive long enough to pass the torch before your well-deserved retirement to a more relaxing society in which nothing more taxing will be required of you than the amusement of children with Disney webgames. When the Valkyrie comes, there is no doubt that there will be reserved for you a place of highest honor in the halls of Valhalla.”

Hopefully a USB keyboard will work.

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