Getting back into the “swing” of “things,” or: To Blog or Not to Blog

Well, I haven’t written much here lately. I guess I kind of wonder sometimes what to write about, even though I have things on my mind. There is a fear of having ideas stolen if I reveal too much here, and so, about things I’m creating, I say little or nothing. Mundane things often seem too mundane to write… etc.

That needs to change.

I experienced a Life Between Lives hypnotherapy session a couple weeks ago. It was cool, but honestly I’m not sure if it was done properly. I don’t think it should have a script. I’m a little worried to post this because the therapist who performed the session may read it and I mean no offense. I guess that I’ll have to trust that she will understand that.

I’ve been working more on Stardust (code name), my board game. I’m putting the cart before the horse a little bit and doing up the icons for it in Illustrator, but I’m working on other parts of it as well. I’m excited about it, I think I may have said before, because it is a smaller side project which I can reasonably finish relatively soon. So it’s a good stepping stone, and I think I am becoming better at controlling/harnessing my creative energies since I’ve been working on it. I’ve found that I can work on it and the energy and inspiration and fun is there, and if I get tired I can put it down for a while to do something else before picking it up and going right back to that creative place. I think one of the keys is that I can visibly see the progress I’m making on it, and that’s rewarding.

My hypnotherapy training has fallen by the wayside, in the meantime. I want to complete it, and my wife has been encouraging me to go back to it, to get it done; I am woefully behind schedule on completing the course within the 1-year deadline. I’m grateful for her prodding, but right now I am in the Stardust creative space and I feel like I shouldn’t go back to the hypnotherapy study until I have a playable prototype made; I don’t want either of these projects to be another thing that I drop indefinitely and find hard to go back to, but Stardust especially. I love creating new things.

Truthfully, hypnotherapy study is already a little hard to go back to right now. I haven’t been able to see results with it as much because I haven’t had the opportunity to practice as much… and not all the results have been completely encouraging to me. I know I’m not bad at it, I mean I know I’m good… for some reason it seems easy for me to get discouraged with it, I guess because it’s not much like any other type of skill or ability I’ve worked with so far in this lifetime. I want to continue with it, though, and I hope my wife keeps up the prodding and encouragement. I may need it.

I have an idea for a story, which I think will be longer than a short story. I think I will post it here when it’s finished, possibly a chapter at a time. It will probably not come out to full novel length, so that should be fine, I think. Anyway it will be a while before I start really writing on it; Stardust and hypnotherapy are in the queue ahead of it, and Arianna is my dream project which will capture my attention again soon enough, I am sure.

My car is messed up and I’m trying to decide what to do. It’s eight years old now and the maintenance costs are just going to go up. I don’t know if I should buy a new one or just wait and get it repaired for now.

The same goes for my computer. I’ve pretty much decided to wait on it… but I’m backing up my stuff for Stardust because I worry that the hard drive will give out at any moment. I want a MacBook Pro, but it seems too expensive right now.

I’m planning to go see Stardust (the movie) with my wife tomorrow. Go see it, everyone! It should be awesome.

Havent gotten to see The Bourne Ultimatum yet. There are a few movies I want to see…

I feel like I am making progress, but stagnating at the same time. Like the progress is in some ways less tangible than I would like it to be. I’m talking about progress in terms of abilities and psychic/spiritual development. You know, magic. : ) It seems difficult for me to practice (anything… I have never regularly practiced at anything), and I may not go far without practice. But at the same time I have always found that my abilties in some areas grow whether I focus on honing them or not, as they have with drawing (there has almost always been a long period of time between drawings, but each time I start drawing something new after a long break from it I feel I am much better at it than I was the last time). Perhaps all of my life is practice, and whether I know it or not, whether they seem applicable or not, each of my experiences is another small step towards my goals. Sometimes I wish I were taking bigger steps, though. Not to marginalize the steps already taken. But you know what I mean.

I just finished the third Dresden Files book. It was every bit as fun as the first two.

2 thoughts on “Getting back into the “swing” of “things,” or: To Blog or Not to Blog”

  1. So the life sessions seem scripted? Do they seem that way when you conduct them? We still need to do that sometime… You guys should come over sometime (or we can come there) and play some Settlers and Wii Mario Party (and some of your new games) .

  2. The one she did with me was. I don’t do it that way, and I’m fairly sure Michael Newton, the guy who originally discovered the technique, doesn’t either.

    We’re pretty busy, I think, until the first. Unless you want to come over on a weeknight… : )

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