Saw Stardust (the movie) on Friday and it was awesome. Go see it.

Still making progress on Stardust (my board game project). Much left to do, but I’m enjoying it.

Just finished book 4 of The Dresden Files, and enjoyed it a great deal. I don’t know what my friend from work who suggested the series to me has against it; he said he doesn’t like book 4 as much as the rest.

I read this a few weeks ago, after I finished Harry Potter 7, and I really enjoyed it. Should have put the link up earlier, but I only realized it would be nice to share when I told my friend about it last night while working out (finally, after over a week of slacking off). I wouldn’t have enjoyed it before I’d finished the book, because at that point, for me, speculation is useless, however intelligent it may be. Basically, I hate spoilers (for myself and anyone who feels the same way… I wouldn’t try to stop someone intent on getting something spoiled for them, but it wouldn’t come from my lips and it upsets me a little when someone spoils something for another person who was not actively seeking it out); the thing about speculation is that it’s too close to being a spoiler, and if it is good, it can be one. I feel like a story should be experienced in the way it was originally intended, which means discovering information in the way the creator of the story has provided. At least that’s how I like to experience stories. But anyway, after finishing the series, intelligent discussion and analysis was very much appreciated and enjoyable for me. So if you’re finished with the books and you’re interested, check it out.

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