category bug, again

I’m starting to get really annoyed with this stupid bug that sporadically pops up on this site. I don’t can’t figure out if it’s a problem with something like the version of the database it’s using, or WordPress itself (which I doubt since I haven’t seen any reports of anyone else having the problem), or PHP or what. But it’s stupid and I want it to stop.

It is ridiculous and makes no sense, and the things that seem to fix it when it comes up are equally ridiculous. For example, right now it appears that if I add the “board games” category to a post, it will fix it. Guess I’ll do the silly, stupid dance through the hoops.

So… on Sunday my wife and I splurged on four new board games: Quicksand (the only one of the four we’ve played so far), which is really fun; Conquest of the Fallen Lands, which I’ve wanted since I read Matt Drake’s review on; Lord of the Rings, which I wanted mostly because it’s co-operative and can be played by two players, which means it will probably be one of the best games for me to play with my wife, in addition to getting fantastic reviews; and the Runebound: Sands of Al’Kalim expansion, which should be a fun change from the base Runebound game.

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