Wisdom, or Clever Folly

I haven’t written much of substance here. I feel a little bad about it, but then I have stupid fears about revealing myself, my beliefs, thoughts, feelings… of being exposed to the slings and arrows, as it were. Intellectually I know that these fears should not be allowed to interfere with what I choose to do or say; some people will think me arrogant for stating my truths, but there really is nothing else worth doing, in the end. It becomes easy for me, sometimes, to be discouraged or to doubt myself, not in whether my truths are true, but perhaps in whether they are worth telling the world or whether anyone will care or benefit.

One thing I’d like to do here is share what wisdom I have. I’ve taken a step with the quotes. Some of them may need explaining, and while I can guess I don’t think I would be perfectly able to determine which ones they are. So, reader(s), a question: which quotes would be preferable for me to explain? Or, would it be better if I explained all or most of mine? I can explain quotes I have on there from others as well or, barring that, I can explain why I put them there.

By the way, you can see all the quotes so far by clicking on “Quotes” at the top of the page.

I’d also like to write more. Another of the things I want this blog to be is an outlet for me to practice writing with short stories or whatever they may be called in the end when their length is known, so I can hone my creative abilities for that time when I will be able to write a full novel or screenplay or… other long bit of writing. I am held back, partially, by the difficulty in deciding on the message, the subtext of what I will write; that is important to me. I have thought of stories before, which I could have written, but without deciding what I’m trying to say by them, what I hope to offer the reader beyond some pretty memories of things imagined, I feel I would just be wasting my and everyone else’s time. There are absolutely authors whose work I have enjoyed reading who do no more than that, but I could not bring myself to follow them. Perhaps those are my two roads, which, traveling down the road not taken, will make all the difference.

In the interim, it’s half a bitch to get started writing something, and a whole bitch beyond that finding time. There are too many things I want to do. And what to work on first? Do I trust my feelings and work on what I currently feel passionate about (which will alternate every few weeks or so among my various interests), or is it smarter to take the advice I’m being given and focus on one thing until it is completed and move on to the next (assuming I could muster the discipline to do such a thing; possibly a rather significant assumption)?

Aspiring writers, check out NaNoWriMo.org, the National Novel Writing Month; if you have November mostly free, it should definitely be fun to participate. I tried to start it last year but quickly fell far behind; it is difficult for me not to think about the quality of my writing.

My wife’s birthday is tomorrow but I’m sure I won’t be posting here then.

Happy birthday, Keisha! I love you.

6 thoughts on “Wisdom, or Clever Folly”

  1. “It becomes easy for me, sometimes, to be discouraged or to doubt myself, not in whether my truths are true, but perhaps in whether they are worth telling the world or whether anyone will care or benefit.”

    I feel your troubles, man. I find myself in the same position sometimes. I find that a lot of what I do end up writing is for me just as much as it is for others. Sometimes I use writing as a way to solidify a new piece of wisdom I’ve gained; to express something, explain it to someone for the first time, forces you to understand it first. I’ve found that blogging helps me know myself better, and that gives me more confidence in voicing truths and trusting myself that it will make a difference.

    By the way, Elias is my last name. 🙂 I’m of the Hungarian Jewish Eliases.

  2. I’ve never heard of the concept of a “true name between lives.” Does it necessarily appear in your name in every life? How do you figure out what it is?

  3. No, I have mine as my middle name in this life to help remind me of Who I Am. If you have a Life Between Lives hypnosis session, you will discover your name between lives there. They are usually more than the sounds we use here, and may be hard to pronounce for us, so many are phonetic approximations. For mine, I don’t really think it’s much different, if at all, than the way we say “Elias” (at least the people who pronounce it right: ee-lie-ess, more or less). I’ve had many names in other lives, almost never involving the name Elias. You can also use your intuition to discover it; I knew mine shortly after the idea of a “True Name” was presented to me as a real thing, and long before I knew anything about Life Between Lives regression.

    Anyway, definitely check out Journey of Souls, which I have a link to at right under “Recommended.” It’s a mindblowing, great read. If you ever wondered how life after death really works but always thought it was one of those “unkowables,” this book will change your mind and open up fascinating discoveries.

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