mmm, Mini

So Tuesday and Wednesday I spent a lot of time reading up on websites about how to negotiate car prices and buy cars. Then last night I went in to the Mini dealership and found out that they don’t negotiate there; they’re all on salaries, and don’t get holdbacks or any other special deals that mean more money for selling cars besides the difference between invoice price and MSRP. Everything is just sold at MSRP. (Someone please tell me if I was lied to about this.) So it was a lot of good research for nothing… well, almost nothing; maybe it will help you, the reader. The best site I found was If you’re ever going to be buying a car, read the “Car Buyer’s School” there first.

I ordered my Mini. It should come in about the second week of October, I’m told. And it will be sweet. I’m really stoked.

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