finished and unstarted games

I finished Fable: The Lost Chapters last night. I enjoyed it… would’ve been nice if there were more than one voice for the wives you can get; the one available is pretty annoying, and if you happen to find a female in the game who doesn’t use that voice, either a) you can’t marry her, or b) if you do, her voice changes to that one. I never got married in the game until the very end, because there was no one I wanted to marry. The characters weren’t real, and didn’t even make much of an effort to seem so. That makes me a little wary of Peter Molyneux’s stated goal of conveying a feeling of love to the player in Fable 2.

You can make the family dependent on the support of the player and have the kids follow his or her lead, but until you can give the characters personality is there any possibility of a significant emotional feeling of attachment? I think the general answer is no, which I believe is the reason for the presence of the dog in Fable 2. People get attached to Tamagotchis, avatars in Black & White, etc. because they have personalities… and that’s the technology going into the dog in Fable 2. The sense of love and being loved Molyneux hopes to bestow upon the player through the game will, I am quite sure, come much more from the dog than the wife and kids.

I just bought Jeanne D’Arc for the PSP last night. It should be fun; I’m going to try to finish (or at least get a bit farther in) Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth before I start it, though.

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