On the Many One True Paths to Mastery, or: I will tell you what Jesus did.

I was raised in a family whose religion was Christian Science. It was cool to learn how to practice spiritual healing the same way that Jesus did it. Eventually, however, I decided for myself that Christian Science is not a bad path, but it is not my path.

Then I took classes to learn Reiki energy healing, though by the time I took a class, I had already heard about it and begun using it. And I was told that this was how Jesus healed. I was skeptical… I had already learned how Jesus healed, and this was a little different from that. Which one was wrong?

This year I started taking a self-paced online hypnotherapy course, and one of the first things that the first audio-course said was that hypnosis is how Jesus performed his miracles. That is a stretch. Not for some of what he did, but using hypnosis to walk on water? I was also told that Christian Science is hypnosis, though I know first-hand that in Christian Science hypnosis is believed to be bad.

Almost every healing modality, path to enlightenment, and religion wants you to believe it is the only true path. “Every other one stole things from us, and the Masters have all practiced our ways.” How else will you be convinced this is the right place to pay for classes, books, DVDs, periodicals, and donations, and bring others to do the same?

Almost every psychic, hypnotist, and provider of self-help products, whether possessing genuine talent or not, consciously attempts to create dependency in clients. How else to keep them coming back?

Christian Science, Reiki, and hypnosis are all correct about using the same methods Jesus did. And they are all absolutely wrong. Most (I will not say all here, as I don’t know all such claims that have been made) claims that a certain practice was used by Jesus, or Krishna, or Buddha, etc. have at least a sliver of truth to them. But in general they will miss some or all of the larger Truth. I will tell you right now what Jesus (and all the rest of the great teachers) really did.

He followed the true path of his own soul.

Following in the footsteps or on the coattails of Jesus or any other Master is perfect; it is a choice anyone is free to make, and certainly appropriate. But sooner or later, that path will no longer yield any progress.

There is only one path to Mastery. There are innumerable different paths to Mastery. Both of these statements are true, but how can that be? Because for each person, there is only one path. But that path is unique and different from the paths of each other person. And that path is the exact path you are on right now. Every single thing that you have ever done or ever will do is another step on your path to Mastery.

We are all headed there. I have said that Destiny and Free Will both exist, and it is true. For each of us, our Destiny is greatness, Mastery. And we all have the Free Will to choose the path we take to get there.

The only way to shorten that path, to increase the pace of your progress, is to search within and follow your own guidance. Conversations With God1 explains very well how to find your own inner guidance. If you are uncertain on how to proceed or what your goals should be, find a time to sit down in a quiet place and just breathe. Bring to mind the possibilities you have been considering one at a time, imagining the expected outcomes of each in as much detail as you can manage, and note the emotions those imaginings invoke. Those goals and options which are correct for you will bring tangible, deep feelings of joy, or love. If none carry these emotions, or if you can’t quiet your emotions or thoughts enough to begin, you may need to meditate or do something else to help release blocks.

Salvation is a given, and enlightenment cannot be given or sold to you. Teachers can help, but ultimately what others think or believe about you or anything else doesn’t matter. In the end, Mastery comes from within, and each of us must find it for him or herself. Each of us will be the only true judge to determine when it has been attained.

1I read the three Conversations With God books and stopped there, even though I know Neale Donald Walsch has written many others, because they were enough for me. Even within those three books, most of the messages are reworded and repeated many times.

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