Halo 3

So I got it. I’m really enjoying it (so far I’ve finished I think the seventh or eighth mission, and got to play online with friends on Saturday). The graphics are impressive, and I enjoy the variety of weapons. I like the music. The faces of the characters don’t really match the fidelity of the rest of the graphics, but that’s ok… makes me look forward to Mass Effect more.

Multiplayer is fun. I haven’t tried all the maps or all the modes yet. There is one anecdote I have for which I really wish I had saved the movie. My friends and I were trying Infection mode on Saturday; in this mode, one player starts out as the “zombie,” on the other side of the map from the rest, with the energy sword (and can’t pick up any other weapons). That player attempts to kill one of the other players, and if successful the victim becomes a zombie. The last person who is not a zombie wins the round and several rounds are played to determine the winner (with the person starting out as the zombie rotating so they have a chance to win).

I was one of the players who wasn’t a zombie, and I don’t remember the name of the map, but there was a platform the zombie players started on and the non-zombies started above it. So I killed one of the zombies I saw running around below me and jumped down and picked up his energy sword. I turned around and there were a couple other zombies running around; they saw me but kept going, assuming that since I had an energy sword, I was a zombie. I killed two of them before they figured it out and killed me. : )

Good times.

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