Halo 3 Shenanigans

I’ve been having some fun with the Forge on Halo 3. Unfortunately, though, there’s no support for matchmaking with custom games and maps (yet), which means I haven’t been able to really playtest the stuff I’ve made (I don’t have a full friends list and I usually end up playing when they’re not on). If you have Halo 3, please download the maps and/or game types on my fileshare (gamertag: SharedProphet) and let me know what you think.

Currently, the ones available are:

Sand Wars

This is a variant of the Sandtrap map which takes the arms race a leg forward. Many powerful vehicles and some powerful weapons have been added. Recommended for lots of players (up to 16), preferably on two teams.

Asgard Special

A variant of the Valhalla map, this changes nothing except to add one custom powerup in each base. Which could change everything…

Templar Fury

This Slayer variant gives those custom powerups meaning. Gaining a powerup will turn you into a “Templar” for one minute, with some crazy abilities and a couple drawbacks. In this mode, killing the current leader is worth an extra point. Should also be fun if you enable teams. Recommended for the Asgard Special map.

Jousting Arena

My newest creation, this variant of the Narrows map presents a fun little dueling game. Play on Slayer and step on the man cannon to perpetually fly back and forth across the gap while attempting to slay enemies who are doing the same. Hold RB (if using the default controls) as you land to pick up different weapons before you take off again. See if you can nail your enemies with firebomb grenades, but beware of the flamethrower. Recommended for 2-6 players, though it could get pretty chaotic with a lot of players unless the players agree to take turns.

If I can get it to work, my next project will be to make a custom gametype for the Jousting Arena which will make it more feasible to take turns and adjust the scoring a little bit. It will require an update to the map, so if I do get it to work like I want it to, be sure to re-download the map when you get it.

Update: the Joust game type has been added to my file share. It falls under King of the Hill, but don’t let that fool you. Your objective is to win jousts; players waiting their turn will not take or deal damage. You can also play with teams enabled. And you can cue all of these to download from bungie.net here.

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