I want to want a PS3.

I’ve really enjoyed my PS2; I have a good number of games for it. And I was looking forward to the PS3.

Sony has fumbled the ball over and over and over again with it, and I’m just getting more and more disappointed. I really want to want a PS3, but it’s getting discouraging. They have done a terrible job of getting and keeping exclusives and, from what I can deduce, providing developers with good tools. They have lost as exclusives: Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Sector, etc. and Metal Gear Solid 4 still has rumors flying that it will end up on the 360. Most of the good exclusives are still a long ways off (so far most of the attempts at must-have exclusives have been failures: Lair, Heavenly Sword, and MotorStorm).

I was excited when I heard about the firmware update which upscales DVDs and PS2 games, but now they’re taking out the backwards compatibility entirely. When I saw that it would be reduced in the 80GB version, I thought it would be ok; the 360 doesn’t have hardware backwards compatibility and that’s fine with me. But recently I was thinking of taking the plunge now that the 80GB has been reduced in price, so I checked the list to find out how my PS2 games would work with it, and it turns out I have a few games I would like to play which don’t work or have problems with the 80GB. Including Odin Sphere, which I haven’t even gotten yet.

The 60GB has no problems with them, and I have seen a few 60GBs on the shelves at stores even since the 80GB price drop, but now the 60GB is the same price as the 80GB. The Best Buy I went to was offering your choice of a free controller, Heavenly Sword, or Lair with purchase of the 60GB, but when the 80GB comes with a game as well it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I wanted to be able to replace my PS2 with a PS3, or at least relegate the PS2 to DDR (since I have good dance pads for the PS2 which wouldn’t be compatible). Now I’m stuck having to figure out if the PS3 is good enough to buy on its own merits, and the truth is, as much as I want things to turn around for it and for the games to be good and I’d like to try out the Blu-Ray and enjoy the upscaling, it isn’t worth it right now. Even though the PS3 is actually cheaper than the 360 when you look at the extra stuff you have to buy for the latter to get all the features of the former.

Sony, if you can make me a PS3 with an 80GB or bigger hard drive, the memory card reader, and hardware backwards compatibility back in, for $500 or less, I’ll buy it. Assuming, of course, that you put some good games on it that I can’t get for the 360. But right now, my buying decision is on indefinite hold waiting to see if those conditions will ever be met.

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