The world is a very silly place.

This is what sports should be like. Remember making all those jokes about full-contact chess? Well the joke’s on you1, now! What’s next, Go Wrestling? Seriously, though, pretty interesting for the fact that it encourages people to improve more than one aspect of themselves.

In other news, we learn of a real-life tale of Spartan romance. This guy gets extra points for originality, I’m sure. But the real question is: who won the match?

Also, news reports concerning marijuana appear to be on the rise. Or maybe it’s really just an increase in the frequency of news reports about stupidity. If this distresses you, perhaps you will find news of good parenting2 as some consolation.

1 Or maybe just me.
2 Ok, admittedly, the headline is misleading. The article isn’t really about good parenting.

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