Assassin’s Creed

So I read about how Assassin’s Creed has been getting some bad reviews. I just picked up my preordered limited edition copy today, and I haven’t played much of it, but so far I think it is pretty fun and very impressive. The production values are amazing. But I’m not really posting here to talk about what I think from the first little bit of the game; I was thinking of giving my own review as a possible counterpoint to the negative ones once I finish it, but now I feel I don’t have to wait that long to say this. What I really wanted to point out is how I now completely understand what Gabe said about review scores being meaningless.

All of the review quotes on that Metacritic page are essentially saying the same thing, and yet the review scores range from 67 to 100. I think I will enjoy the game a lot, but just setting aside the quality of the game itself for a moment, doesn’t that say something about the futility of looking at game review scores?

And bringing back the issue of the game’s quality from over to the side where we left it, Gabe addresses that as well.

Tangent: I’m disappointed; my collectible Altair figure’s feet broke off when I was trying to bend them a little so he’d stand up without falling over. I wanted to put him on my desk at work. Maybe super glue will work…

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