Many funny news articles recently:

  • A man in India marries a dog. Reminds me of the Indian woman who married a snake a while back.
  • Great Britain searches for a new motto; hilarity ensues. Citizens have suggested some excellent options.
  • A bug is found in the software controlling a change machine. It’s only a slight miscalculation…
  • Mistakes are made on a man’s tattoos. This is probably why expensive tattoo artists have business; they’re just better than the cheap ones (I hope the tatto artist in question was a cheap one, anyway).
  • A man is fined for playing educational DVDs in his car. Very educational for kids…
  • Shotguns don’t work very well for changing tires. Who knew?
  • Valentine’s pranks began in May. Who ever heard of Valentine’s pranks? Where’s the love? Very funny, though.
  • Teachers come up with new and innovative instruction methods. Their next field trip will be a week in the forest with the kids allowed bringing nothing but a hunting knife and a compass, to learn about the way of life of the feral mountain-man.
  • Santa is finally losing his preferential treatment. Just because it’s been around longer than the connotation and doesn’t mean the same thing, doesn’t mean offense should not be taken. It’s just like how songs which use the term “gay” in the original sense should be censored or re-recorded with a different word. I am joking, of course.
  • Heidi Klum is not the genius we thought she was. The headline on that one is scary.

And I think this article about how people act online is a good read. It highlights some of the things you may have seen go on with reviews, web forums and chat, and other online spaces.

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