4 thoughts on “If he had black hair, he would be known as “Kvothe the Raven””

  1. Yeah, I’m still thinking about the characters (after having just finished reading a different book since I finished The Name of the Wind–Stardust by Neil Gaiman) and I suspect I will read it again before too long as well. Especially closer to July, when the second book will be coming out…

  2. Yeah I’ve read that in a few places. The most recent I saw on Patrick Rothfuss’s blog, though, said July 2008. Guess it’s worth asking him… (going to do that now).

    Edit: never mind, his contact page does say Spring of 2009. : ( I was confused by this quote:

    Believe me, if book two were that close to being done, you’d be seeing it on the shelves a lot sooner than July of 2008.

    From here.

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