A Word Problem

Do you remember those math (or logic, and later physics) problems in school where there was a short paragraph of explanation and you had to figure out what the actual problem was before you completed it? And they always used to throw in some irrelevant information… well anyway, I’ve just thought of this one (the answer is at the bottom of the post): Continue reading A Word Problem

News: The Pot Makes a Statement

The CEO of McDonald’s UK, in an interview with the Times Online, linked rising trends of childhood obesity to video games. Technically, it’s an ad hominem fallacy to discount his conclusion; the kettle may actually be black (or, if not, maybe it is named “Black”). But that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh.

Some thoughts on the Kindgom Under Fire: Circle of Doom demo

I played through the demo for Kingom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (KUF:Call of Duty, or KUF:CoD, or, KUF) last night. Well, I think I played through most of it… I did the forest area you start in until the boss you can’t fight, but I noticed the option to travel to different areas and never took the opportunity. Also, I only played as one character whose name is spelled “Leinhart,” I believe. So, my current thoughts about it…

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