Some thoughts on the Kindgom Under Fire: Circle of Doom demo

I played through the demo for Kingom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (KUF:Call of Duty, or KUF:CoD, or, KUF) last night. Well, I think I played through most of it… I did the forest area you start in until the boss you can’t fight, but I noticed the option to travel to different areas and never took the opportunity. Also, I only played as one character whose name is spelled “Leinhart,” I believe. So, my current thoughts about it…

When I first started the demo I was sort of surprised I was having fun with it. I’ve been describing it to my friends as kind of a cross between Dynasty Warriors and Diablo. The combat is very reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors or Ninety-Nine Nights, but then it throws in the multiplayer and random items & levels that were in Diablo. The levels it generates aren’t like Diablo, though… they’re more akin to the narrow paths you get in Ninety-Nine Nights (a game I bought and had fun with for a while but was much disappointed with when it ended before I could equip a level 7 sword).

In the trailers I have seen it always seemed to me that the graphics wouldn’t be that great or would have a lot of framerate hits, but I didn’t really notice anything like that, and it did look pretty good, at least until I got into the second area, where it was too dark to see much (even with the game’s brightness turned all the way up I had a really hard time finding the skeletons that were attacking me).

The music was ok except when there was a combat type of track that couldn’t have been more than a minute long (and was probably much less), set on an infinite loop. I turned the music down to one step above max at that point.

The camera turns too slowly and requires you to manually turn it too much. Having to think about the camera is distracting and a bit annoying in combat.

I kept wishing I could run faster between combats.

From what I played (it started my character at level 15 and I think I got to around level 20), spells seem fairly useless. They do very little damage and generally take all your action points which you could be using for the more powerful normal attacks.

The cinematics, voices, and story in general seemed a little bit silly. I’m not really sure what was going on.

It might be kind of fun for a while with friends to play with, but it usually takes a little more than repeatedly pressing A to keep me interested in a game. I have a friend that really likes games like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors 2, though, so I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it. Maybe he’ll bring it over and we’ll play co-op sometime.

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