Wholly Crap

Been a while since I posted here, huh? Hmm. : /

Well, an update on what I’ve been doing:

I am starting work on a video game version of Stardust (you may recall that Stardust is the working title of my board game side projector you may not), using XNA Game Studio 2.0, which I hope to eventually make available on the Xbox 360 (through Xbox Live Arcade or the as-yet-unannounced XNA distribution mechanism, if it is suitable). XNA was chosen because I like the ease of programming in C# and it’s kind of cool to be able to make games that work on the 360 (functionality I have not yet tried, since I don’t plan on paying the $100 for a year of the Creators’ Club until I have something worth testing on the 360). This is the first time I’ve done any graphics programming (I haven’t even done a custom Windows forms control before), so the fact that XNA makes it a bit easier is another benefit. I’m doing the graphical stuff first because it is good motivation when I can literally see the progress I am making. So far it basically just draws the board.

My birthday was last month and as a late gift (because its release was delayed), my friend got me Culdcept Saga, at my request. I’ve played through the first three matches in the campaign and I’m really enjoying it. Haven’t got many cards yet, so I’ve just been modifying my starter book (deck) to add in some cool things I’ve gotten which fit in with its themeit started me with the water/air book. Right now I have the fourth match suspended and I’m not doing so well but it’s still the beginning of the match…

I’m reading A Darkness at Sethanon aloud to my wife, and The Last Unicorn silently to myself.

This weekend I downloaded and played the free beta of Spectromancer a good bit, and I like it quite a lot. I’ve come to the conclusion, though, that the Cleric (the only wizard type you’re allowed to play so far) is pretty underpowered compared to the other wizard types. Definitely something you should try if you like games like Magic: the Gathering. But it’s not Magic, so don’t expect it to be. No deck-building means a fairly even playing field (especially if you play against the same wizard type).

I bought, downloaded, and beat Rez HD. And I’ve bought and been playing Chessmaster Live a bit as well. And, to a lesser extent, Pac-Man Championship Edition.

If you hadn’t heard, they’ve announced the release date for Spore. Hopefully they will actually make it this time (it’s been delayed two years since the initial release window). I think that because this time they have an actual date rather than just a month or a quarter, they will probably not delay it more than a month or two if at all. I’m saving up for a MacBook Pro to effectively replace my crappy desktop at home, and I should have it by September, so that is good news for me.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes out March 9, and I’m excited; I’ll definitely be getting it as soon as possible.

I watched all of Scrapped Princess and liked it a lot. Some of my friends would probably not like the ending that much (deus ex machina), or the fact that some of the surreal things were never explained adequately (or at all), but I enjoyed it. There was more emotional depth to the story and characters than in many other TV shows.

In case you’re wondering, the title of the post is just because I wish I’d posted here more often lately.

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