My Life as a King

I’m having a lot of fun with the game. Last night I almost bought some of the extra stuff, even though I don’t think I’m far enough along in the game yet to take advantage of any of it. But in almost buying it, I looked more closely at the descriptions (in the game) of what the content packs contain.

The descriptions on the net are accurate, but it should be noted that the extra races produce adventurers of a set gender, who are not allowed to change jobs. So one produces female thieves, another produces at random either male black mages or female white mages, and the third produces male warriors. They are probably still nice, but I like the ability to make characters change jobs, and the variety of different-gendered adventurers. It would be fun to see these races in the game, but now this pack doesn’t seem as essential as I had previously thought. I may pick it up anyway.

On the other hand, after playing the game awhile the idea of a shrine to buff my adventurers sounds nicer than I initially thought, and the upcoming endless dungeon answers my question of how you get elementite when you run out of dungeons (not in danger of happening anytime soon for me).

Anyway, I think I will probably pick up some of the extras, I just haven’t been able to decide which, yet.

And to change the subject completely, I checked the PS3 backwards compatibility list again a couple weeks ago and it seems there have been some improvements. The 80GB version is adequate to me now, and I intend to get one when the price drops towards the end of the year.

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