A Chronicle of Nothing?

Or maybe a nonchronicle. That’s kind of what this blog is now; I haven’t been updating with anything much at all. Creation and Personal Growth are getting the shaft in the chronicle department. So, why no updates?

Well, one reason is that my logical side can get in the way. I overthink what I should put here, and end up putting very little. Funny and interesting news and links are unposted because I don’t want to make each post just one link long. Longer posts don’t get done because I get sidetracked and fail to finish writing them (there are two drafts saved at the moment, one from probably a year ago that may never be written, and another that’s a month or so old which I really want to do at some point). Some posts fail to materialize because I’m not sure what to reveal to the internet, and others because I doubt many would care. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t think about posting here much anyway; I just occasionally check the stats to see if anyone’s reading this.

I know I have a very small number of readers who check for posts now and then (I’m pretty sure I know all of them). Of course, this blog isn’t for them, it’s for me. So. I’ll try to post a bit more often.

I am making progress on the Creation front, incidentally. I’m on week five now of the course presented in The Artist’s Way (which I discovered thanks to this post on Games and Men), and it’s helping. One of the things the course instructs (and pretty much the only one I’m consistently keeping up with) is morning pages, three pages of stream of consciousness writing every morning, and those are great. I have needed them and gone without for a long time, not knowing exactly how to get what I was missing. They are the meditation and the introspection I wouldn’t be disciplined enough to do without such a clear and achievable daily goal. And they’re practice for shutting my logical side up while my creative side has some fun, which before this course I didn’t even realize was my problem. I’m not yet halfway through the course but I highly recommend it. I was even thinking of buying a copy of the book to send to my mom for Christmas.

As far as the rest of my life is concerned, I’m not making enough money to support my family (hopefully the raise I’ll get in January will fix that… I’m not holding my breath) which means the MacBook Pro I was saving for eight months for has gone poof for the foreseeable (wow, spellchecker tells me I’ve been spelling that word wrong for a long time) future, I went to Disneyland with my wife but not my daughter a couple weeks ago (because the trip was planned before we knew money was going to be tight, and one of its primary purposes was to help a friend propose to his girlfriend) which was great, my house is a mess because I’m not helping enough with it, my grass is mostly dead which is a relief because I hate mowing, I can fill up my car now for under thirty bucks (we’ll see how long that lasts now that the election is over), my daughter is in serious danger of failing the third grade, I’m happy about my wife being two weeks from her second trimester, my game isn’t making much progress, and I’m worried I may have to work over the holidays.

So things are going ok, thanks for asking. How are you?

2 thoughts on “A Chronicle of Nothing?”

  1. Sucks about Carly… At least you’ll probably get paid to work over the holidays, it’s just expected here. I haven’t worked a weekend for a while, but I feel the pressure of those around me wanting me to work weekends…

    What did you use on the grass and where can I get some?

    We should get together sometime for a game day/night. Any suggestions on time/place/audience?

  2. Didn’t use anything on the grass, heheh. Including, for the most part, water, which is why it’s pretty much dead. There are still weeds, though, which grow faster than the grass did, except now that it’s cold they don’t really grow either.

    Maybe we can get together this weekend or next? A Saturday or Sunday would probably be good. Will have to see how Keisha’s feeling that day; she’s been sick most of the time lately but hopefully now that she’s getting out of the first trimester that will improve. My place is a mess. : ) But maybe having it there will provide better motivation to clean it up a bit, so location is up in the air.

    We got your Christmas card. : ) Thanks.

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