Invisible progress!

Just “finished” (there is still a possibility that more bugs/inefficiencies will come to my attention, but for now it’s finished) my C# implementation of a Goal-Oriented Action Planner. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read the previous post or just ignore this one. Pretty exciting to me, anyway. I ended up just allowing one value per state symbol, with effects replacing the old value with the new one.

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Games are fun, but that’s not the point.

Most games are developed with the intent of inducing feelings of “fun” in players. In my opinion, which is at least partially influenced by my read of A Theory of Fun for Game Design, this approach is irresponsible at best. The theory presented by the book is that the feeling we call “having fun” is our brains giving us chemical rewards for learning new patterns and/or recognizing old ones.

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