“When is immersion overrated?”

Damion Schubert posted the above question yesterday on his blog (Zen of Design). My answer appears to have been deleted, so I’ll write about it here. I linked to some posts on “Malstrom’s Articles” which I believed to be relevant. I should add that to the links at the right, by the way. I’ll do that as soon as I put this post up.

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Another shirt? Is that all I do anymore?

Well, no, I also work, eat, sleep, help take care of Chloe, etc.

But yes, I have created another shirt. For this one, I looked at the gaming-related shirts I could find on CafePress and noticed that people newer to gaming, specifically new audiences reached by the Wii and DS, were generally under-represented. So I decided to make a shirt for fans of Animal Crossing.