Task List for 0.2.0

I have made a little bit of progress. These are the tasks remaining to go into 0.2.0:

  • Tweak XML serialization/deserialization code for PlannerActionInstance; it may end up staying the way it is right now, but I have an idea which might make it a little nicer.
  • Make sure the planner is returning PlannerActionInstance plans correctly.
  • Finish making the GoTo action in the test app, and the rest of the test actions for a complete test.
  • Make it pass the test, of course; make sure the action parameter inference stuff is working for parameterized PlannerActions like GoTo.
  • Add XML serialization/deserialization code for DNA.
  • Add an option to test the XML stuff to the test app (it has been tested, but not as a separate one of the options in the test app like the other things are).

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