Task List for 0.2.0

I have made a little bit of progress. These are the tasks remaining to go into 0.2.0:

  • Tweak XML serialization/deserialization code for PlannerActionInstance; it may end up staying the way it is right now, but I have an idea which might make it a little nicer.
  • Make sure the planner is returning PlannerActionInstance plans correctly.
  • Finish making the GoTo action in the test app, and the rest of the test actions for a complete test.
  • Make it pass the test, of course; make sure the action parameter inference stuff is working for parameterized PlannerActions like GoTo.
  • Add XML serialization/deserialization code for DNA.
  • Add an option to test the XML stuff to the test app (it has been tested, but not as a separate one of the options in the test app like the other things are).

With 0.2.0 the test app will be in the released zip file. It’s not all that impressive, but it’s better than just getting a dll and having to mess with it yourself to see what it does.

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