Trials HD

Trials HDI downloaded the Trials HD trial (heheh) yesterday. I had seen people talk about it on Twitter but I hadn’t tried it out; I thought it was just some racing game or generic 3D motorcycle game or something. It isn’t.

What it is is a surprisingly fun 2D physics-based motorcycle stunt/racing game which is all the more enjoyable for its unrealistic elements. The controls are pretty simple, giving it that easy to learn, difficult to master trait which is the holy grail of game design, and you can instantly go back and try again (from the most recent checkpoint or the beginning of the level) when you fail. Failure is also usually pretty funny, which reduces its sting. And there are many ways to play: race levels, stunt levels, skill challenges and a level editor.

$15 seems a little steep for an XBLA title, but I’m going to grab this one as soon as I have the chance. If you haven’t tried it yet, do.

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