While reading this Malstrom blog post this morning, I realized something interesting: Achievements/Trophies/whatever can reduce the desire to keep a game, increasing motivation to resell it. Sure, they can create some sales from people playing the gamer score metagame (who will just turn around and resell it once they’ve got the points), but consider a game you like.

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Obligatory iPad Opinion/Speculation/Analysis

Almost everyone seems to have an opinion about the recently-announced Apple iPad.1 If you don’t, I may surmise that you either a) live under a rock, or have been distanced from the internet and tangential media and people enough that you have not yet heard about it, or b) you do not have any opinions at all. Or, potentially c) you just don’t have an opinion about it. But c) seems rather unlikely, because it’s been a very polarizing announcement. People seem to either love it or hate it.

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  1. I don’t mind the name. People made fun of the name of the Wii for a while, but that didn’t hurt it.