Vision of the Future

I found this blog, subscribed, and read this article a couple days ago. It’s really interesting stuff about how business really works. If you’ve been reading Malstrom’s Articles about Blue Ocean Strategy and Disruption, this should interest you.

But I’m posting now because of a revelation I’ve had just now while reading The Innovator’s Dilemma, relating to the article linked above:

Android will be used in at least one game console.

You read it here first.

Edit: and now after a Google search yielded Odroid, I guess I wasn’t the only one to realize this. I was thinking a home living room console rather than a portable, however (though I realize Odroid can hook up to a TV). I suspect such a home console may come from a new entrant in the console industry and attempt to disrupt Nintendo. Does it have a shot? Perhaps. Anyway, technically, you may not have read it here first. Sorry about the mix-up. ; )

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