Reality TV Show Idea: What Not to Watch

On “What Not to Watch,” each week a new, regular person who was volunteered by a friend or relative is made fun of for the TV shows and movies they have scheduled to record on their DVR and own on DVD. Then the hosts throw out their DVD collections and their recording schedules, to be replaced with what the hosts consider to be better viewing. The new selection usually includes “What Not to Watch.” But not “What Not to Wear.”

Spam Comments

A lot of spam comments get blocked here. I can see them, and it’s kind of amusing how many lately attempt to use flattery to get approved. Things like “your writing is great” on a page with just a list of games I’m playing and have played. Not very believable in many cases, but I think it would be funny if someone specifically let these comments through on their blog, but edited out the spam homepage links and email addresses they come with.