In a Reading Mood

I started reading Becoming Vegan, which aside from some questionably-presented statistics I think is very good. But then more books came in and I have put it down for the moment, first in favor of Summerhill School, which I already mentioned I finished, then for Punished by Rewards, and now for Memories of the Afterlife.

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This morning I was struck by the realization that in a way I am afraid of life.

I was reading Summerhill School, which by the way I highly recommend. This book describes a boarding school where children are free to govern themselves, and to grow as they wish. It’s an incredible idea that I would like to see more of, and since I started reading it I have daydreamed about starting such a school in the US (after I write some novels and start at least one successful company, of course). Yesterday I looked Summerhill up. It’s still around, though some things about it have changed a little. I saw a couple pictures of it, and of kids who go there, and I felt a subtle fear I didn’t really notice until this morning.

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At least it’s not $300.

The 3DS press event was this morning. It’s going to be $250 in the US and comes out on March 27. There doesn’t seem to be any announcement yet about the prices of the games; I have read that the Japanese game prices for it will be the equivalent of $58 to $72, which would leave it dead in the water here. And there’s not yet any indicator of a game worth buying the system itself for. Still, the $250 price tag is a start (even though I was hoping for it to be $200 or less before the Japanese price was announced). Perhaps all is not lost…

On, to Weekend

Finished Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood this week. The ending mostly tied things up for Ezio but was a cliffhanger for Desmond, and didn’t provide the answers I was hoping it would. I did enjoy it though and I’m looking forward to AC3, however if they keep dragging it out and never conclude the story (as they’ve said they intend to do) I will lose interest. I agree with Alan about the game’s over-use of collectibles, but still I do enjoy it.

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(possible spoilers for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood ahead)

Went to bed way too late last night. I was playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and just found the final puzzle thingy left by Subject 16. The reward there was somewhat… cryptic, but it seemed like it might be implying that the Assassins are all dead already and that the team working with Desmond are really Templars? I don’t know, that seemed like one possible interpretation of it. I haven’t beaten the game yet; maybe there will be more info by the end.

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Status Report

I often think it would be cool to chronicle my projects here, since I enjoy reading about such things elsewhere, but then I drop the idea because I have a tendency to stall out on my projects. But I really would like to make progress on and complete something, so perhaps that thought should change.

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