Status Report

I often think it would be cool to chronicle my projects here, since I enjoy reading about such things elsewhere, but then I drop the idea because I have a tendency to stall out on my projects. But I really would like to make progress on and complete something, so perhaps that thought should change.

To start with I’d like to just get into posting here on a regular basis: Mondays and Fridays at a minimum. Not about any single topic, and not any specific length, just something. I won’t restrict myself from posting more than that or at other times, but one post on Monday and one on Friday seems like a decent starting point. I won’t worry about whether anyone reads them; the goal is that this will keep me writing and hopefully also progressing on my projects.

I haven’t made any progress on This Celestial Life since Unity 3 was released. A couple weeks before that, the file for the test scene I had created got corrupted somehow and Unity could no longer load the scene. Something in the serialization header was not correct, or something; I couldn’t find anything on the forums that seemed related, so I was just hoping Unity 3 would resolve the issue. It didn’t, and I slowly stopped working on the project. The scene I lost represented very little work, actually; I could re-create it in half an hour. I’m not sure since I haven’t opened the project in a while, but I think maybe I actually have re-created it already.

I was just scared the same error would destroy a much more significant amount of work later on, and that fear was enough to fuel my usual tendency to disconnect from a project so that it peters out. This Celestial Life is still very much something I want to do, and I still think about it, but right now I am considering writing a book first, since hopefully I can complete that by myself, whereas the game will require help with art, animation, and probably sound at a minimum. I have an idea for a book that hopefully won’t be terrible.

So far it’s pretty much just that–an idea. Not long ago I found and read through all of Jim Butcher’s writing advice on LiveJournal, and it seems like the direction I was lacking when in the past I’ve had ideas for novels. I’ve been doing some of the prep work here and there to write this new story, but there’s still quite a bit to go before I begin writing it in earnest. It’s good, though; if I complete the prep work Jim suggests, I’m sure the odds of me actually completing the novel will increase exponentially.

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